March 05, 2018

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I was the owner of this domain for many years but I've stoped paying for (I've lost the interest) and someone bought it. So, nowadays I don't have nothing to do with the content that the new owner publishes under the referred domain. Thank you.

November 19, 2017

May 17, 2017

'Gasoline Horse' for Peones (Pawns)

2013 - 11' 23"
Two men play chess.

Gasoline Horse starts at 6:26.
See more at CITIZENBEN.
Watch the original video.

Director, Screenplay, Editing, Photography and Sound:
Benjamín Villaverde

Moven David, Cebe, MPB

Assistant Director:
Jesús Villar

Fernando Marrot (Mr Black), Jorge Moré (Mr White),
Jesús Villar (Referee)

January 05, 2017

The singing of the bird UIRAPURU

The Uirapuru is a songbird known for the particularly elaborate singing, which justifies that it is also commonly known as a musician or cornet. It is recognized, also, only by Uirapuru or Arapuru, Guirapuru, Rendeira, Tangará or Virapuru. The term originates from the Tupi-Guarani language "wirapu 'ru" . ( see more )

August 12, 2016

Hat Time

I'm picking up some old videos to post here. BLUE CLOUD is from 2008.
SONIC MYSTERY made the post-production, which can be heard in .

It is a great joy to have this music as a soundtrack in the video ' The BBQ Man In Tye (Abilene) Texas ' from 593 Films, which is the channel of a Texan truck driver.
Thank you, Tex !  Original video here .

December 12, 2015

Music for Video Soundtrack

( original video : )

- Escola Paulo Freire - Fred - 7ºA G2 ( at 5:08 )
- Trailer "Con su permiso" (fijo)
- Trollando com Desfibrilador no BF3 ( at 0:45 )
- Mammoet Heavy Haul Generator Bryan TX 1-23-10
- Yikes! Snakes!
- Helene Murray at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival ( at 5:55 )
- ISKB:110 | Back 2 Old School ( at 4:40 )
- Tommy dreamhorse video
- Outlook OneDrive by MessageOps Tour
- Greasy Bobber ( at 2:30 )
- Openair Bischofszell
- ขี่ม้าที่ฟาร์มหมอปอ
- Raw Iron Choppers The Ride
- Explore Ada - David Salge: Leathersmith ( at 3:43 )
- Best Solar Charger - The Goal Zero Guide 10 Review
- Odes 4 Door 5 Passenger Dominator 800cc UTV
- Odes UTVs Standard Custom Wheels
- Odes Utvs Standard Huge Mud Tires
- David Livingston introduces the Ranger Tug 31 at Trawler
- Thunder In The Tunnels TVR's London 141012
- Dermomicropigmentação De Sobrancelha
- Criação de cavalos em Caxias do Sul
- 72 - 5º Rumos e Trechos On Road Passeio - Ténéré 250
- 73 - "Perdido" em Conceição do Castelo. On / Offroad
- Ganadería Pino hermoso Salento y el cuadro de mando
- Woodshop Project Ideas - 16,000 Wordworking Plans
- Hamburguesas A La Brasa Con Crujiente De Parmesano
- Pantherophis guttatus "serpent des blés"
- I giochi del mattino dei cavalli dell'Oasi EquiLuna
- TG7 Basilicata. Equiturismo Italia. L' Ippoterapia la terapia ( at 4:03 )
- "La Vecchia Ferrovia" - Lercara -- Filaga -- Magazzolo
- Training Clips ( at 4:50 )
- Mimo Tuga en GAM
- AT4R Polaris
- Tørrtrening med Thyra
- Colorado Country Weddings
- 2Wellie in the arena 2 13 14
- Guitar Tribal
- Das Duell
- Big Damn Bridge Bicycle Trails
- The Ranch Game: a game about Probability and chance
- Poker Run and Spaghetti Dinner Benefit For Ronnie
- Winter Commute Jack Frost
- Volcom Hauling Assets -- ISPO:2013
- Bientôt le nouveau Ford B-MAX
- Gunslingers Pre-Sermon Two
- Time Lapse Couché de Soleil
- Danza de Conquista 100. Conformidad
- Gold Rush 2014

March 02, 2015


I admit : I need to practice more banjo .
It's just a matter of better balance of my time .
My banjo is pissed of with me , I know ....

February 16, 2015

Copacabana , Rio de Janeiro

70's Copacabana beach , Rio de Janeiro , Brazil ...
Wow ... this photo brings me emotion :
I lived in Rio de Janeiro between 1965-1970 .

The beaches was so clean ........
My family lived in Flamengo , Leme , Copacabana and Tijuca .
I saw the Copacabana beach exactly like this photo .
I remember seeing many VW beetles around .....
I ran much on the sand and played soccer with my late father .
It was a very good time ........

January 26, 2015

Cygnus A

Cygnus A , 600.000.000 light-years from here .
Wow ..........

When I want to feel the here and now I think in images like this .
All this immensity is happening 
here and now and we are part of it .

January 20, 2015


Today is the birthday of my Mom . She is 77 .
You see the banana cake she made today for her friends .

My mother is an example of energy and self-overcoming .
I know what she went through to get where she is nowadays .
Her life has never been easy but today I see she going strong and this is the most important .

Love you Mom .
Thanks for all . Thanks for the life .

January 08, 2015

Summer Rain

Hmmm I think it will rain ...

I went out to practice in the late afternoon but the weather changed suddenly ,
from very bright sun to a very dark sky . I returned home quickly ...

We've had many occurrences related to lightning lately .
While I post this , is raining heavily out there .

January 02, 2015

Mom , Life ...

What matters to me most of all is the comfort of my mother. All my work is being directed for the above and this attitude is not a virtue , is just my obligation.

We live together since I got divorced in 1993 and I like to live with her.
Here at home are living just my Mom and me.

She has a small school of Yoga at home , without employees , with a number of students that does not require much work from her and that's good because she already has more than 70 years old. She is super active and has a lot of health. We split the household bills and collaborate with each other . I take care of her things and she gives classes . She loves to work and hates when I say that she should stop . We don't have maids or the like and do all the housework .

We are simple people , living in a rented wonderful house in a very wooded neighborhood. I want my mother to stop working and relax, meditate more, hangout and travel with her friends, make her delicious meals and take care of our plants...

1964 , my first birthday .
Miss you , Dad ..............

Mom and me