January 02, 2015

Mom , Life ...

What matters to me most of all is the comfort of my mother .
All my work is being directed for the above and this attitude is not a virtue , is just my obligation .

We live together since I got divorced in 1993 and I like to live with her .
Here at home are living just my Mom and me .
She has a small school of Yoga at home , without employees , with a number of students that does
not require much work from her and that's good because she already has more than 70 years old .
She is super active and has a lot of health . We split the household bills and collaborate with each other .
I take care of her things and she gives classes . She loves to work and hates when I say that she
should stop . We don't have maids or the like and do all the housework .
We are simple people , living in a rented wonderful house in a very wooded neighborhood .
I want my mother to stop working and relax , meditate more , hang out and travel with her friends ,
make her delicious meals and take care of our plants ...

1964 , my first birthday .
Miss you , Dad ..............

Mom and me

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